IMR 4227 Powder in stock | imr 4227 for sale | imr 4227 in stock


IMR 4227 Powder in stock | imr 4227 for sale | imr 4227 in stock


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IMR 4227 Smokeless Gun Powder overview (1,8 lb containers)

IMR 4227 Powder is in stock now for sale . Best magnum powder for beowolf, 300blkout, 44mag, and for cartridges like 22 Hornet and 221 Fireball at same time delivering accuracy and excellent velocity in all kinds of rifles. This powder shines when used with magnum pistols as it features true magnum velocities and performance alongside burning with a medium speed ( burst cleans and burns fast). Core virtues of the powder that makes it so good are consistency at its peak, accurate load dispensation, performs so well at frigid and cold temperatures, shoots well and leaves no residue, more granular like small sand grains delivering excellently even at 100 yards out or more. Performs well with 44 rem mag and 30 carbine loads, 45 long colt and 454 casull, 250gr Hornady fxt 34gr, M1 carbine, 45-70, thus it is termed the all round powder as functions perfectly well with rifles and pistols.

We recommend this powder with loads like .357 loads. I load 125gr JHP at same time resulting to hotsteppers though sometimes a lot of unburned powder can be left in rifle barrels. The want for the product is increasingly on the rise due to the economy thus scarcity is abound, stocks are limited and are always getting sold out. It is available now for sale and in stock


Useful Cautions when using IMR 4227 Smokeless Gun Powder for sale in stock 1,8 lbs buy now don’t miss out

A guide that states instructions exists and these instructions should be followed as instructed in the manual
Never exceed the indicated loads on the manual
Never mix together two powders on no grounds
Two powders cannot be interchangebly used
Cci primes accepts no claims or any warranty we sell or distribute to clients
CCI primes ensures product safety

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Weight 1lb
Quantity 1 Pound

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Shipping Weight 1.140 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes
HazMat Product Yes

IMR 4227

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1 Pound, 8 Pounds


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