Hodgdon LEVERevolution Powder in stock for sale


Hodgdon LEVERevolution Powder in stock for sale


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Buy Hodgdon LEVERevolution Powder is in stock now for sale is a very accurate and consistent powder thus best powder for use in cartridges like 30-30 Winchester, 35 Remington, 308 Marlin Express, 338 Marlin Express and the 25-35 Winchester at same time featuring smooth metering, high performance factory ammunition and the innovative and award winning powder. this award winning powder was produced jointly by the powder company Hodgdon and the factory ammunition company Hornady to answer the famous reloading question can the powder used in Hornady leverevolution factory ammunition be bought. The hodgdon Hornady leverevolution propellant is a spherical in shape, exhibiting high performances and metering flawlessly and thus the reason why it yields velocities in excess of about 100fps when used in lever action bullets like those listed above and even yields better with greater grains over factory ammunition. When a load of 308 winchester is loaded in an 18 inc barrel, consistency and high velocity is inevitable with this load. Are you looking for a load that hits deer hard? worry  no more as 35 grains with the 160 FTX bullets in a Marlin 30-30 does the real deal basically turing the 30-30 into a 300 savage, any deer that shows up stands no chance of escaping if they show up in your territory.

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Hodgdon hornady leverevolution powder in stock now for sale at cci primes and at moderate and affordable prices, buy now don’t miss out


The production sites utilize the best method, and follows the best practice way of production at same time also implementing quality. A way of implementing this quality is by frequently checking and monitoring the grain shape, the grain size and the grain composition
Another way of implementing this quality is by realizing consistency, accuracy and dynamicity which is in turn reached by carrying out test in ballistics on the overall density frequently.

A guide that states instructions exists and these instructions should be followed as instructed in the manual
Never exceed the indicated loads on the manual
Never mix together two powders on no grounds
Two powders cannot be interchangebly used
Cci primes accepts no claims or any warranty we sell or distribute to clients
CCI primes ensures product safety

Hodgdon LEVERevolution Powder

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