H4350 powder | Hodgdon H4350 in stock | H4350 for sale


H4350 powder | Hodgdon H4350 in stock | H4350 for sale


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Hodgdon H4350 Powder is in stock now for sale 1,8lbs. The best powder of choice for 270, 7mm, 30, 325 otherwise known as the WSM family of calibers, 270 Winchester, 243 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, 6mm Remington and also the most popular extruded powder among shooters in the Hodgdon extreme series is the H4350 and has had this fate for decades featuring even in both cold or hot temperatures. Metering is improved by shortening the grains in modern H4350 powder. This powder with an advertised performance is the best of choice of powder for light to moderate-weight, when it comes to this specification no other. powder can match it. The powder with the most consistency but very difficult to find with increased costs. IMR 4350, Accurate 4350 and H4350 were used under the same conditions, H4350 came on top all three. The go to powder for 6.5 CM, Savage, Ruger, and Tikka. MV of about 2836 from a 22 inch barrel, Creedmoor and pre-64 model 70.

AT CCI PRIMES, H4350 smokeless gun powder is in stock now for sale 1, 8lbs buy now don’t miss out


The production sites utilize the best method, and follows the best practice way of production at same time also implementing quality. A way of implementing this quality is by frequently checking and monitoring the grain shape, the grain size and the grain composition
Another way of implementing this quality is by realizing consistency, accuracy and dynamicity which is in turn reached by carrying out test in ballistics on the overall density frequently.

A guide that states instructions exists and these instructions should be followed as instructed in the manual
Never exceed the indicated loads on the manual
Never mix together two powders on no grounds
Two powders cannot be interchangebly used
Cci primes accepts no claims or any warranty we sell or distribute to clients
CCI primes ensures product safety


Hodgdon H4350 powder

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1 Pound, 8 Pounds


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