CCI 35 primers in stock | CCI 50 BMG Military Primers for sale

CCI 35 primers in stock | CCI 50 BMG Military Primers for sale



Quantity:500 Piece



CCI 35 primers | CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 Box of 500 Overview

CCI 35 primers in stock for sale now. CCI 50 BMG Primers #35 Box of 500 (5 Trays of 100) cartridges because of its exciting features is now the most preferred by  all match shooters reloders and hunters all over the world because of its wonderful and exciting features inclusively top quality and there is availability of  metering which is smooth and of high quality.

CCI 35 primers in stock now for sale was manufactured specifically for use in the 50 BMG and was built to military standards. It was built to standards which ensure an ignition which is so consistent and unmatched reliability. The ignition delivered by the cci 50 BMG  primers is not just consistent but also reliable

Loads with the 50 BMG primers

These are the only primers that fit well with the 50 BMG ensuring no hand or misfires. It shows easy installation with the Lee BMG press. Records no misfires with the Barrett M82 and has been the go to powder for owners since when the powder came into the field.

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is cci 35 primers in stock now ?

CCI 35 primers for sale | CCI 50 BMG primers for tula available at moderate and affordable prices, don’t miss outt buy now

ATTENTION:  cci 50 bmg 35 primers

A list of products which  cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes include primers , powder and aerosols so they are then shipped directly from the warehouse alongside other products like black powder and fuses.
At CCIprimes, we ensure that there is only one shipping charge per shipment , the hazmat charges go on the total order and not the individual hazardous materials on the order. and there is a limit to what a  particular client can order, say not more than 25 pounds of Black Powder for example and for primers, smokeless powder and fuses, the maximum is 66 lbs. Hazmat charges are placed   Smokeless Powder, Black Powder, cci 209 Primers, and Fuses as they are considered hazardous materials, Smokeless Powder and Black Powder alongside Primers and Fuses cannot be returned due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons

Primer Size 50 BMG

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.990 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes
HazMat Product Yes

CCI 50 BMG Primers


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